Mosambique Mission


ds Frits vd Merwe & family

ds Frits vd Merwe & family

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Dear Friends

We are still waiting for the pro forma invoice so that we can finalize our coffee deal with the people in Tanzania.  When that is done, we will start worrying about transporting the 3 tons of green coffee to Mozambique.


Meanwhile my clients want coffee, and I have nothing.  I have contacted every conceivable place in Malawi just to buy some beans to roast until the big shipment comes in.  No joy yet, but I have one more place to contact.  If they have, I will fetch it this week.



The leadership of the congregation plans to hold another circumcision event in January.  Right now they are contacting the local headmen for permission.  Please pray for this.  It has the potential to  be a powerful event in the Spirit.



Nickey has gone to SA to be with her dad.  He was in intensive care with pneumonia and we did not expect him to live. He is now out of ICU.  Willem’s boss allowed him to go on leave a few days early  and Nickey drove down to Cape Town with him.  We feel that she can stay until mid January before coming back.


Meanwhile our inverter broke.  As our home runs on solar power, that affects everything.  I borrowed a replacement, but the washing machine refuses to work off it.  Now I am looking for a new 1500 W full sine wave inverter.  These things are expensive! I will have to slaughter a cow or two – but I won’t do it without Nickey.  She usually takes charge of the sausage making, etc, while I handle visitors, broken machinery, and the other regular or unforeseen stuff.

Also, I have never seen a good quality inverter for sale in these regions. But I will be looking.


Dear friends, thanks for your prayers.