Dear friends

After more than a week sick in bed, I am glad that I can once again get up, preparing to go to school tomorrow. Thank God that Grant and Riana was here! Grant simply stepped in and took over all my responsibilities at school. Riana came by every day with a word of encouragement or some help. It is wonderful to have neighbors like this!

Frits was away in Chimoio area where he installed a woodgas machine that reduces the fuel consumption on our friends’ irrigation system for their mango farm from 13.5 l/h to only 1.4 l/h. We are thankful that we could help them in this way.

This week we have to inform the teachers that the lack of salaries will force us to reduce the classes we teach next year.  Some of them might lose their jobs.  Please pray that they will be able to ask the Lord what His will is for them, rather than just seeing this as something negative.

Yesterday (Saturday) was cold and wet, but even so 2 ladies still came for the teaching.  It was good to hear their feedback.  We plan to visit at one of the other ladies this week.  Please pray that the visit will be a blessing for everyone.

Please continue to pray for the buying back of the sunflower in July. Indications are that it will be a good harvest. It is always a bit tense, driving around with a lot of money, weighing the sunflower, etc.  We also hear of armed attacks once in a while, when the thieves hear that people are carrying a lot of money.  Of course we have no banks in our district and everything is cash.